In the era of cricket, a cover drive is one of the most exciting shorts ever played. In comparing the king of cover drive shots between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli, India’s chase master and the run machine Virat Kohli are the best ones in the cover drive. His batting control, gap-finding ability, and timing make him one of the best cover-drive players at this time.

Kohli uses many ways to play cover drive short against spinners and pacers. His plans for dealing with pace bowlers start with a walk toward the middle of the stump, and then he turns his head toward the ball with the toes of his front foot facing the covers.

 With clever wristwork, the top hand controls his downswing and helps keep the ball on the ground. The bottom hand and the gap ideally move the ball into the boundaries.

On the other hand, in the technique against spinners, he takes a longer step towards the ball. The top hand controls the direction and height of the ball, which is similar to how he uses his method against pacers.

Kohli also played shorts in the direction of covers. The shorts are among the best moments for cricket fans and the best-lofted shorts. These techniques make fans call him the king of cover drive shots and the best executor of drives.

Babar Azam, like Kohli, has excellent cover drives and shorts technique. The difference is that Babar’s cover drive is more on the up than Virat Kohli’s. Babar’s cover drive comes from the clean way he swings his bat at the ball, his upright stance, and the mesmerizing way he does the stroke.

Top Ideal Players of Cover Drive in The History of Cricket

So, let’s look at some of the best techniques used by the best cover drive players and some of the best cover drive players.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s cover shots are like Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kicks. And everyone knows his fans called him the king of cover drive shots. Virat Kohli changed the art of cover drive by recreating this beautiful shot.

His head and legs move in unison for this drive through the covers. But what makes Virat’s cover shot even more divine is how he moves his body.

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Like Damien Martyn, Virat has improved his push while handling the ball. At some point, the push and weight shift cause the cover to move out of the sweet spot. Also, it is getting to the point where it is rare for Virat Kohli’s innings to end without a cover drive.

Babar Azam

Babar, the best cover drive player today, is from Pakistan. No batter has a cover drive shot like Pakistan’s rising Star, Babar Azam.

He gives his bat swing a lot of power to make this move. Also, one of his skills is having a bendable wrist that lets him put the ball in whatever gaps he wants to fill in the cover area.

But his cover shorts differed from others because he swung the bat quickly. The Pakistanis are proud of how the player makes the move.

Alastair Cook

You might call it a “textbook cover drive.” When Alastair Cook played this shot, it was meant to show he was in the right mental state. With his front leg outstretched, the tall English batsman stood before him and drove the ball hard.

Also, the great England batsman is only wary when the ball is too whole and outside off. When this technically correct batsman hit the ball, the sound of the bat always took the crowd by surprise. You can say that the former English captain always loved this shot, mainly when he played with the red ball.

Kane Williamson

This skilled Kiwi batter is the definition of the word class in shorts. The way the New Zealand captain bats has become a model for many young players. Also, his cover drive is one of the best shorts he has. Kane Williamson’s cover drive might be included in King of Cover Drive Shots because it is the most complex style to copy.

Williamson’s standard cover drive is smooth because his head follows the line of his legs, the sweet spot of his head follows the line of his legs, and the sweet spot of his bat hits the face of the ball rhythmically.

Kane’s athletic skills have helped him make beautiful backfoot cover and front-foot drives.

Sachin Tendulkar

The man doesn’t need any introduction. The God of Cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. Had it not been for Sachin, the cover drive would not have become the most innovative shot in cricket. Even before Sachin, many players had done this incredible shot, but Sachin showed us how important the balance of the body is for this shot.

When Sachin is the type of best player of cover drive who plays the cover drive, an impossible feat comes to the fore. He had such reasonable control of this shot that he never let the ball go up when he wanted to play down.

When it comes to different types of cover drives, such as back foot cover drives, lofted cover drives, square drives, and cover drives against spin, the master blaster is the real boss. In short, Sachin knows every shot in the book.

How do you play a classic cover drive shot?

Some of the most incredible batters of all time were at their best at this shot. You, too, can play classic cover drive by copying some of the best batter’s tips and tricks for cover drive shots. How to play the cover drive is as follows:

  • Get into position to hit.
  • When the bowler bowls, move your front foot forward and towards the line of the ball.
  • Shift your weight to your front foot and hit your bat in a horizontal arc, making contact with the ball in the middle of the bat.
  • Keep your head down and your eyes on the ball as you complete your shot.

You need to know that driving cover against a spin bowler will be more challenging than a fast bowler. Some of the best spin bowlers of all time got a lot of wickets by getting cover drives off the batsman.

Which Bowl is Best to Hit the Cover Drive Shot?

It is essential to judge the ball to play cover drive shots like the king of cover drive shots.

Most of the time, the cover drive shot is an attacking shot that goes between point and midfield, and you can play it forward and backward.

But it depends on how long the ball is. The best ball to drive the cover is on the line between the fourth and sixth stumps, like an outswing ball or one coming from the outside of the off stump.

Back-of-the-length deliveries shot balls of good length, or 7 to 8 meters from stumps, should be considered for back-foot drives or punches.

And those bowled a reasonable distance between 4 and 7 meters from the stumps should be hit with a front-foot drive using the entire face of the bat.

Who Invented Cover Drive Shot?

Like many other shots in cricket, the cover drive was not created by anyone. Over time, the shot changed as bowlers tried new things and improved their skills.

As cricket evolved, players from different eras helped make it what it is today. The shot became an essential part of a batsman’s arsenal, and Sir Donald Bradman, Jack Hobbs, and many other stars showed how well they could do it. The cover story comes from the game’s past and how it has changed.

Everyone thinks Virat Kohli, Kumar Sangakkara, Babar Azam, Rahul Dravid, Ian Bell, Laura Wolvaardt, Meg Lanning, and Sachin Tendulkar are masters of the shot. Walther Hammond of England is believed to have had the best cover drive ever.

How does Virat Kohli Judge The Ball to Play Cover Drive?

Again, we will explore the batting style of the king of cover drive shots. There are a few key things a batsman needs to pay attention to to play the cover drive well.

One of these is figuring out how to get his feet in the right direction towards the line of the ball. Virat Kohli is a balanced player, which is why he does an excellent job with drives.

Virat Kohli’s head should be calm, and his eyes should be on the ball to get a good idea of its length and line. If the length and line of the ball are right, Virat Kohli should be able to hit it for a cover drive.

The backlift should be high so Virat can hit the ball with enough power. Finally, the follow-through should be smooth and complete, with the bat stretched towards the target.


The comparison between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam described in this blog will help inspire you to analyze your favorite players’ styles. Both batsmen have unique cover drive styles.

The cover drive is still a famous shot in cricket because of how it looks, how well it works, and how important it has been historically. It showcased the beauty and movement of the game and was a time of pure brilliance that fans will remember for years to come.

I hope you completely understand the topic. Now, it’s time to do it practically. Let’s go to the field and prove it is the best cover drive player. Best of Luck!

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