Playing badminton can boost your energy level. Badminton is a good sport to re-boost your body. There are multiple rules in badminton that we should follow to create a professional sports environment. Looking Badminton racket frame repairing? Read this blog!

There are multiple pieces of equipment in badminton, such as badminton clothes, grips, socks, wrist bands, badminton rackets, a net, a shuttlecock, and more. Every piece of equipment is required to play. Players often don’t decide when a badminton racket frame is broken by mistake.

In this blog, I will define if your badminton racket is cracked or broken and how you can prepare it without buying a new one.

Yes, badminton racket frames can be repaired. You can repair its broken area by soldering it. You should maintain your badminton racket for a long time. One of the most important pieces of equipment for a badminton player is the badminton racket, so it should be held with strong wire.

The life of the badminton racket would be enhanced if you took care of it. One of the most important factors that you should consider while buying a badminton racket is how long it will last in good condition and if there is any need to Badminton racket frame repairing after a long period of use.

Reasons For Breaking The Badminton Racket Frame

We can’t prepare the badminton racket if we don’t know how it’s broken or cracked. Understanding the reasons for its breakage allows you to prepare it properly for long-term use.

For the following reasons, your badminton racket can be broken:

Broken Grommet

All the badminton rackets come with grommets that are available in the small tubes around the frame. Strings are tied to the frame itself through grommets.

Without grommets, the racket’s frame cannot protect the strings. The grommets allow the strings to strongly hold the frame, allowing flexibility when the racket touches the frame.

As the badminton racket repair kit gets older, the strings attached to the frame also become unusable for playing. If grommets become damaged, it is best to take care of old, missing, and broken grommets immediately.

Hitting Other Rackets

Not only beginners, but also professional badminton players need to face the situation. Racket hitting is a common problem when a frame is just about to break.

The case can take place during a double-sided game. Players typically try to hit the same shot; that’s when racket clash is quite high. In two rackets, this splash is so fast that it can damage not only the frame but also the shaft of the rackets immediately.

To avoid this clash, it is necessary to have a good partnership and good communication with your partner.

Watch the video to get understand causes of racket damage and how to fix it

String Tension is too High

The wide range of tension added to the racket by most reputable badminton racket repair shops near me can be bearded. Going beyond the tension of the strips, it is possible that not only the strings of the racket but the whole racket may be damaged.

Due to the fact that the strips are attached to the frame of the racket, the load on the frame is greater, so it is advised to tighten the strips as much as the frame can bear.

Otherwise, the excessive weight of the strips can break your frame, and this often happens during sports.

Imperfect Hitting

This happens even when a player plays the wrong shot. Which means, due to not hitting the racket frame properly and hitting unpredictable shots, frame damage is certain.

Instead of repeatedly hitting the shuttle strips with the badminton frame, it destroys the frame. However, such situations are often seen in beginners who have recently started playing badminton.

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Ways To Prepare The Badminton Racket Frame

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to perfectly prepare or fix the badminton racket frame:


Are you responsible for keeping your racket from breaking? Or would you rather take it to a professional stringer? Consider these first. An inspection will help fish out problems like collapsed, cracked, or broken frames. This will help answer the question of whether you should restring your racket or purchase a new one.

Only through the inspection process will you know for sure whether badminton is breaking, collapsing, or breaking a frame.

Your decision on this consideration will be very important, as it will tell you whether your badminton frame is worth restoring or whether you should go for a new one.

Decide who will Fix It

It is suggested that you hire a professional restrainer for the badminton racket frame repairing.

It is better to do it yourself than to get it done by an expert who has the tools, experience, and time. It will be cost-effective for you. I recommend you go with machine restraining instead of manual restating.

Select always strong String for your Badminton frame

Multifilament, monofilament, and microfilament are the three common types of racket strings. The most common type is monofilament strings, which are used to provide increased control. Multifilament is available for more flexibility. And the last microfilaments are slim, stretch well, and provide quality wind resistance.

These three racket settings are perfect for load-bearing control and ensure how powerful a string would be. Make a good choice of a stringer who is trained to string professionally.

Choose an appropriate String Tension  

As we have discussed above about this subject, the high tension of the string can damage your badminton frame. It might be the most crucial step while restringing your racket frame. Always choose the right string tension according to your racket frame needs. To choose the right tension, check the condition of the racket.

How To Maintain the Broken Racket?

This is the best way to take care of your badminton racket. I would suggest that you don’t prepare your racket if you have a match; instead, give some time to your practice.

Avoid Cracks on the Frame

After breaking the frame, you must take care to protect your racket frames from more cracks. These can minimize your racket’s lifespan.

This is often the case in areas of the frame where the paint bleeds easily enough to give a powerful crack. Once the Badminton racket is cracked, you can only tighten it with strips for a limited amount of time.

Strings Maintenance

One of the most important factors in taking care of the racket is the frame strings. Your racket will only work perfectly when the strings are in good condition.

The string tension should be in line as per your standards, and it shouldn’t be broken easily, so you will be able to perform at 100%. Hence, the racket string condition must be checked promptly.

In the case of restringing your racket, understand how frequently you work on it. Strings become loose after playing for a long time, so you will need to repair them every second week.


Grommets are the major part of the badminton racket; they act as a cushion between the frame and string. Whenever a grommet appears to be broken, repair it immediately; otherwise, it may damage both the strips and the frame.

It is essential to repair your grommets for loose and easily breakable elements; otherwise, the strings may come into direct contact with the racket frame. Replace broken grommets immediately to increase the lifespan of your frame and strips.

Storing Your Racket

The lifespan of your badminton depends on how you store it. Do you have the habit of storing your racket with your badminton equipment and clothes in a backpack? If yes, then leave it right now; otherwise, it can damage your racket.

Cushion or cover your badminton racket properly and hang it on a hanger in the room. Use a badminton case to enhance the cushioning and support of your racket if it is damaged.

Avoid high temperatures because they are harmful for your racket; instead, use a thermal-lined bag to protect your badminton frame and strings from heat.

What Should not be Done to Maintain The Racket?

  • Shouldn’t expose the racket to heat or sunlight
  • Should not store heavy stuff while storing
  • Shouldn’t Shuttle with the Racket Frame

The more you avoid miss-hits, the longer the lifespan of your badminton frame and the better the strips will work. Don’t pack anything heavy with your badminton racket that will put a strain on its strip tension. Read the article on how and what to pack in a badminton kitbag for proper backpacking.


It is not possible to go for a new one every time the old badminton racket breaks, so it is better to repair the broken racket itself. That’s why you should pay attention to the repair of your badminton racket frame, keeping in mind the tips discussed in this blog, so that your frame lasts longer and does not face any problems while playing.

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