A question generally arises: “Can Guys Get Henna Tattoos?” so, yes, they can get Henna Tattoos on specific body parts.  In many countries, men and women have done henna tattoo art for hundreds of years. Henna tattoos are a fun and open art form that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their gender identity is.

Every Indian family goes through the henna ritual at least once. When we talk or think of henna, the first thing that comes to mind is the henna artist decorating the hands of the bride and other women in the family while the boys roam around on the sidelines.

Despite what most people think, nowadays, they get henna tattoos for men. This was common a few hundred years ago, but as time went on, people avoided doing it. Men also make henna tattoos without any problems.

Top Trending Henna Tattoo Styles for Men in 2023

In the last few years, it has become more and more popular all over the world. Men applying henna tattoos are one of the hottest fashion trends in the world. When it comes to the wedding season, men also want to be a part of henna.

Here are some of the famous trends in making henna tattoos for men. You can find some of the best places for tattoos.

A Grand Design

If you want to go ahead with henna tattoos for boys, this is the best example you can come up with. With a design that covers almost your entire backhand, fingers, and shoulders, you should be confident to pull this off.

Like when you try something new, this style needs your confidence more than anything else to look good.

A Wrist Design

With this design, you can use it on the back of your hand or even your wrist. Some people also like to get this type of design done on their forearms. Explore all the different ways you can use henna tattoos by being as artistic as possible.

Just a finger will do

If you want it on only a few fingers, then this simple Arabic design is precisely what you need. It can be worn on the ring finger to make that finger stand out. Try more henna tattoos for men here; where can Guys instantly get the Henna tattoo design from the extensive collection?

How to Apply Henna Tattoo for Men?

Yes, henna tattoos can be done on boys. Gender roles are becoming less rigid and more open to all, and henna is a beautiful form of body art that doesn’t care who applies it.

Many henna artists know how to create designs for boys, whether custom or traditional. You can find reputable henna artists or suppliers in your area and choose a pattern that suits you.

Then, the henna artist will use a cone or other tool to spread the paste on your skin. Leave it for a few hours and remove the dried paste to reveal your new henna tattoo. So enjoy the beauty of henna, no matter what gender you are.

Men can apply henna at an Indian wedding. It is considered lucky for men to apply henna to their skin during pre-wedding events.

marthastewart.com says, “It is important to remember that men can also participate in the tradition of applying henna to their skin.” So, if they’re on the guest list, they’re most welcome to try it!

5 Best Men’s Henna Tattoo Artists in India

The 5 Best Men’s Henna Tattoo Artists in India are a big deal, so here are some of the top places for tattoo men in India.

J. P Mehndi Artist

J.P. Mehndi, an Artist, is known as the Master. He creates henna for people all over Delhi and is the best at what he does. If you want classic Mehdi designs that make your hands look beautiful and elegant, go for them. This is one of the best designs for boys and women with henna tattoos, be they brides or grooms.


The artist is well-known and the best henna artist in every way. Your hands are the most valuable thing in the world. She tries to make it as beautiful and perfect as possible. He is the best henna artist if you want a classic chic style. If you are in Mumbai or planning to visit, you can get Henna Tattoos by visiting him.

DeepaMehndi Artist

DeepaMehndi Artist, whose work is beautiful in every way, the best party henna artist, can make your nights memorable with perfect henna. People know her as a fantastic henna artist. So, boys, if you want the best henna tattoo, now is the time to get it.

Suraj Shankar

A perfect person who can make even the smallest of things beautiful. He is known to be the best in henna. If you want to find the best henna artist in Jaipur, you do not need to go anywhere. Because of what he has created and how talented he is, we have ranked him number one in Jaipur. Sure, book it today.

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Price Mehndi Art

One of the best henna artists in Jaipur. If you want any henna tattoo artist, this is the place to go. You might not like his setup, but when it comes to henna, he is a master of all arts. Get the best henna from him, as he knows how to make it beautiful and classy.

Which Place is the Best for Tattooing for Men?

Tattoos, like all trends, take months to become famous and even less time to die out. But tattoos for men are trending now. Let’s see some tattooing areas where guys can get Henna Tattoos.


More and more guys are getting intricate forearm pieces as progressive and open-minded thinking grows. Most people are interested in how the forearm is designed, which involves different types of wrapping and realism.

Upper Back

The upper arm is a dynamic area, allowing the pattern to rise and spread across the shoulders. If you get a tattoo on your shoulder, it will look better as you age than anywhere else. This is because the skin has fewer folds than other body parts.


If you want to show off your tattoo, one of the best places is the biceps. If you go to the gym, your body will bring out your tattoo design, which can be a significant reason why guys can get Henna Tattoos. The area may be tender, but the pain is not as inadequate overall.


Your chest and front are like a blank canvas that you can use to create any pattern you want. Plus, the pain isn’t too bad; most tattoos are easy to hide, and even large tattoos can be covered with just about anything.

Is Chemical Used in Henna Tattoo?

Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is added to the “black henna” chemical in Henna tattoos to make temporary henna tattoos look like real tattoos.

This process is also called “mock tattooing” and can cause side effects such as redness, itching, burning, swelling, blisters, and sores on the skin. Most of the time, these allergic reactions are due to an ingredient added to henna.


Permanent tattoos are made with needles, but natural henna tattoos are made without needles. Many people who apply natural henna prefer to make designs by hand. On the other hand, some henna tattoos are created by drawing patterns on the skin.

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