The question frequently asked by people is, Can I use my broadband away from home? The answer is no; you can’t use broadband away from home because WiFi has a limited distance of 150 feet or over 46 meters for a 2.5 GHz frequency. If your broadband signal comes under the mentioned distance, you can easily access the Internet on your laptop, mobile device, and tablet.

Here are the reasons why you can’t connect your broadband away from home:

Week Signal

If you have WiFie, you can easily access the Internet whenever you’re on broadband. The WiFi signal has limited connectivity to reach every corner of your home, mainly if you are surrounded by concrete walls or other solid obstacles that do not allow your WiFi signal to contact you.

Connection Failed Issue

Do you suddenly lose your internet connection? This situation can have a direct connection to your server. You can connect the Internet to your tablet or phone to understand this situation.

To understand the problem related to the operating system, check WiFi. If it connects to one device, it cannot connect more devices. Some solutions are like re-entering your WiFi password or rebooting your device.

Internet Service can be Disrupted.

However, you may be unable to use the Internet from outside because the Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot detect your location due to bad weather or an undeveloped area.

To connect to that network, your device must have a hotspot. If the hotspot is correct, then the problem may be with your ISP. You will need to wait until the service is restored in your area.

But if this has become a common problem with your ISP, you can immediately switch to a new internet provider whose connectivity is far from your home.

Slow Router

Good WiFi requires a working router. The standard function of a router is to connect traffic between the device and the internet service you are trying to add to the network.

When a router doesn’t work correctly, a user often presses the “on” and “off” buttons or “Restart it. If the router isn’t in good condition, you can’t use broadband away from home, so let it run for a while.

Can I Share My WiFi With Another House?

You or your neighbor avail internet service through an internet provider or mobile service. You select a working router with solid WiFi, which is essential; make sure your ISP is strong enough to provide WiFi service to other homes.

One of the primary ways to share your WiFi connection with your neighbor’s house is by giving your Password. In this way, you will also use broadband away from home securely or protectively.

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However, sharing a password isn’t secure, but if you are close to your neighbors, then go ahead and whisper the Password to their ear, who you know doesn’t have an internet connection.

If you don’t want to share the Internet via a password, there are several ways to create a “guest network.” However, this is a bit of a chore, as each router has its interface and does not connect easily to all devices.

As a first step, read the instruction manuals that came with your router and learn about the administrative interface by searching for your router model on the Internet.

To make any changes, enter the administrative Password of your router. Go for the factory reset option if you forget the administrative Password for your router.

Once you have successfully done the factory reset, the next step is to use the default password to log in to the admin interface. You can’t access broadband without WiFi.

If you have reached your router, pay attention to its settings. After going to your router’s settings, enable the “Guest Network” option.

How Do I Use The Home Internet From Outside?

Accessing the Internet from home might be easy, but when you’re outside, it becomes more challenging. So, what should I do to use broadband away from home? Enter your home router’s IP address in your web browser and type the Public IP address, ensuring your remote control port number, usually 8080.

Follow the steps to access the Internet from outside:

  • Step 1: Enter your home router’s IP address in the Search bar.
  • Step 2: Type your username and Password. Make sure you’re entering a strong password.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve accessed the router’s web portal, go to “Settings.” Tools might replace setting.”
  • Step 4: Find the “Remote Management” Option.
  • Step 5: Edit your Default Port Number from 8080 to another number.
  • Step 6: Enter a strong Password and avoid the default login.

Can I Get Internet Without Cable or Phone Wire?

Forget those days when getting good internet service required a phone or cable. Many places are now free from landline or cable television services to get high-speed internet connectivity.

The following is one of the best ways to get WiFi without Cable or a phone line:

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet has no competition, especially in high-speed downloads and overall internet performance. However, Fiber Internet requires a wired connection, but it is free from a phone or cable line.

The best thing is that now 45% of the country has access to fiber internet coverage, meaning fewer users with good internet speed. With Fiber Internet, you don’t need broadband away from home as it has fewer downsides.

4G Internet

Do you use your smartphone or tablet a lot? 4G LTE home-based internet would be the best option for you. By spending only $40 or $50, you can get the best internet speed for the lowest cost. However, the Internet speed does not stop even at 5G, so it depends on how you use it.

5G Internet

One step ahead of 4G, 5G internet is the best internet option, which is quite common among people. Once you have 5G internet, you can’t use broadband without WiFi or with WiFi.

Like fiber internet, 5G internet is available only in developing countries. If you have ever experienced internet throttling by an internet company, then you will be happy to know that 5G internet speed will be continuously high even in the middle of the day.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet requires exposure to connect with orbiting satellites to access the Internet on televisions, phones, computers, and other devices.

However, the slow internet speed and high cost of satellite internet service are reducing usage. It is possible that satellite internet may not be your first choice if you live in a developed and intelligent country. Satellite internet can cost between $80 and $100.


Today, the Internet is one of our most essential things; without it, we cannot do any work easily. Whether it is business or homework, the Internet has an important contribution.

Through this blog, I have covered many everyday things related to broadband that can help you a lot, whether you want to access the Internet outside your home, share the Internet with neighbors, or use the Internet without wires and on your mobile. The answer to all these things is in this blog.

I hope you like the blog, then comment, share, and read further for other blogs!

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