Google AdSense is a very simple program that lets YouTubers with at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers advertise their travel and travel videos in a year.

A travel YouTuber makes money from sponsored content. YouTube has its own way of making money that traveling artists can use to their advantage. Travel vloggers can also make money by allowing brands to use their videos.

An account with 10,000 to 20,000 subscribers can usually make $250 on one post. A vlogger with 25,000 to 50,000 subscribers can charge $500 to $600 for one video.

This rule goes on all the way up to major Travel Youtuber who have more than 1 million subscribers and can make more than $15,000 on their one vlog.

Let’s talk about the few benefits of traveling YouTuber:

  • Travel YouTubers have a large number of subscribers with which can share their stories. Those who are unable to go on their trip because of their financial and physical problems may find these vlogs helpful.
  • It gives you a chance to travel to so many different locations around the world and experience the magic of travel. It is also helpful for creating a bucket list for planning trip.
  • A successful travel vlogger can attract more people through their stories, and through their mutual appreciation of action and new discoveries, a sense of belonging is fostered.
  • Some vloggers who record their adventure videos make a living from it. They make money through these special Travel vlogs through advertising, sponsorship, or travel-related items. It is perfect to earn money by encouraging someone to use it full time.
  • Travel YouTubers can hone their abilities in areas including videography, editing, narrative, and social media marketing by creating and posting travel videos.
  • Companies that have needed these skills can even hire travel YouTubers to do some advertising for their products and items.
  • This experience gives a vlogger more ways to make money and gives them more workability.
  • Travel YouTubers can make people excited about traveling and seeing the world with their own eyes.
  • There are so many benefits to being a travel vlogger, from making money to growing your online and real-world groups. This is the best way to tell the world about your life.

Ways to Make Money from Travel Vlogging

There are so many ways to make money from travel vlogging.

Here are some main ways to make money with travel vlogging ideas, but they are by no means the only ways to make money with travel vlogging.

Make Paid or Sponsored Posts

The company pays you to promote their product, which is called sponsored products. In that case, your travel video works like an influencer who tells your viewers about the brand and product. Depending on the company and your demand, you can get money and products from the company.

And one of the most famous types of videos for sponsored material on a vlog is a short product review video on your travel vlog.

Before this, Travel Youtuber Make Money need to attract a large audience to your special travel vlogs. When you have a lot of people, at least 5,000 to 10,000, you need to deal with brands and companies that fit well with your continent and that your audience might be interested in. 

Selling Your Own Items

Your vlog can be a great place to promote your own products and items you must like, such as logos or icons.

For example, you can talk about how to eat healthy. In this case, the items you want to sell are things you made at home. If you have a large audience, you can easily sell T-shirts, bags, water bottles, key chains, and other items with your name brand or other identifying features on them as gift.

Monetize your Travel Vlog

The best and most important thing you need to do to make money from your trip video is to put Google AdSense on your channel. This is the most impotent option for a Travel  youtuber to earn money.

Google AdSense is a simple program that lets YouTubers with at least 4000 hours of video and 1000 subscribers in a year put ads on their travel videos and get paid when someone clicks on them.

Google puts ads on your channel that are relevant to the people who are watching them once your channel starts making money through Google AdSense. These ads show at the beginning, middle, or end of the video.

To learn how to make a good travel video, click here to watch the guided video.

Get More Subscribers by Attracting Viewers

When you make a traveling video, make sure you ask them to subscribe to your travel YouTube channel at the beginning and end. When you get large numbers of subscribers on your channel, people watch it for longer and interact with it more, which leads to more ad clicks and more sales.


People who want to be Travel Youtuber need to be able to come up with new and original ideas. Creativity meets the psychological and entertainment needs of the viewer. Originality means figuring out how a blog meets the needs of an audience in a meaningful way.

The Ability to Effectively Communicate the Viewers

If you want to be a quality Travel Youtuber Make Money, you should be able to talk to your viewers in a good way. With the help of videos, people should be able to easily share their ideas. Depending on the information, the vlogger needs to be able to give viewers as much knowledge as possible.

Skill of Analysis

With the new technology and the paid promotions, aside from making creative travel vlogs, it is important for a travel vlogger to be able to figure out what his viewers like the most and what they do best.

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Ability to Make Choice

A very important quality of a travel vlogger is the ability to make decisions and help lay the groundwork for good leadership skills. Making decisions is a process that is used in every business, no matter how big or small, and in every creative business as well.

Challenges in Making Travel Vlog

When it comes to travel vlogging, there are so many challenges. Here are some challenges that interrupt your vlogging.


When traveling, you don’t have time to film and edit everything yourself; you need to hire someone else to do it. And sometimes it is not going perfectly, and then you need to do everything alone.

Losing your mind

You need someone for camera settings and sound settings, but when you are traveling, you can’t find your comfort location and your favorite places because sometimes you lose focus and lose your mind.

Being Distracted 

If you are traveling every day and you don’t have time to get the cameras, sound, and ideas just right, It needs to do something new and creative right away, fast. That’s the challenge when you’re distracted when traveling.

How Do I Become A Travel Vlogger With Less Money?

If you want to become big income Income of Travel Vloggers with less money, no problem; you still tell the world about your adventures. Follow the guidelines to become a travel vlogger with less money.

Get Your Channel Setup

Once you select your section of vlogging, you need to set up your channel. You should think of a great name for your trip vlog ad, see if anyone else is using it. If anyone is using it, don’t worry. There are always good ideas floating around.

Start Making videos

Get out there and start making videos, because practice makes perfect. Travel vlogs go around the world, so don’t worry if you have less money.

Start making videos of your town and the places close to your home. You can go to some museums, eat at local restaurants, or take a day trip to your state park; it does not matter where you go. You just want your travel movie to make your viewer feel good.

Post your Video on Your Channel

After completing the video editing, it’s time to upload it to your YouTube channel. Make sure you have privacy level set to “Private” while uploading the video. This way, you can easily make edits and add keywords and thumbnails while publishing.

Once it has been uploaded on your channel, make a schedule of your travel vlog so your subscribers understand it while expecting it.

Start Promoting your Video Vlog

Start the promotion on your social media account. Leak the news to your friends, family, or travel lovers about your post. Plus, motivate them to watch your video if they are planning a trip.

You just need to set up some main settings, and it will automatically show up on your viewers mobile phones.

After the success of your vlog, contact bloggers for more collaboration. For example, a mountain hiking channel, paragliding, or other activities.


Did you like my blog post? Is it helpful for your next vlog? Share your reviews with me! By starting a travel blog, you can make a good income. If you don’t have an idea how to prepare the best travel blog, then start improving your skills by reading this blog. Best of luck!

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