Having some shortcut automation drain battery and a simple widget for WiFi and Bluetooth can all help save battery power. This is a faster way to get to it than going to settings, says Cunningham. Turn them off completely when the battery is low, and make sure you are not connected to WiFi.

Let’s talk about some major benefits of shortcuts in your device:

Productivity Improved

Shortcut is an automated app focused on the user. Because of the way its set up, you don’t have to do small, time-consuming tasks.

You can go on with your work and just click buttons or use Siri for shortcuts. Shortcuts let you perform tasks with just one click or voice command.


Shortcuts are a piece of productivity software that makes all tasks goes much faster, but it is not true that shortcut automation drains the battery.Shortcuts can make it so you don’t have to go through multiple apps and steps.

Instead, you can do everything with just one click or voice command. You can order coffee from your favorite coffee shop by saying “coffee” to Siri.

Simple to Use

Shortcuts have a user-friendly design that is easy to use. It has a simple layout that makes it easy for iOS users to find and access the features. No advanced technological skills are required to use it. It looks and works like an iPhone or iPad.


Shortcuts can be changed so that they suit each user’s needs. This is a great way to learn about yourself because you really get to know the things that are important to you in your daily life. The more each action can be changed to suit your needs, the better the shortcuts work.


Shortcuts are a free app that you can get from the Apple Store. Anyone with an iOS phone or computer can get it for free. Considering that this is a very powerful automation app for individual users, this is a great deal.

Ways to Safe Battery Life on iOS 14 with Automated Shortcuts

iOS 14 also shortcut automation drain battery to save power when the battery is low. That way, you can always be sure you have enough power when you leave the house. You can set your limit on your phone by going to the automation shortcuts.

This lets you always know how much power is left in your phone.

Here’s a quick way to save battery life and charge your phone on iOS 14.

  • Open your phone’s Settings menu. Select the “Automation” tab under “Settings”.
  • In the automation, click on the ‘Create individual automation’ column. It will open.
  • Select ‘Battery Level’ from the list of automation options. There will be a screen.
  • Then, you have to choose the best amount of battery at all times. For example, if the optimal amount of battery is 100%, make sure you put that number in the Battery Setup slider. Tap ‘Next’ when you’ve completed the steps.
  • Then, you need to add an action that will appear on your screen when the battery is at its best. You can select it in the ‘Show Message’ bar.
  • When you choose, turn off the button that says “Ask before playing.”  Also, select “Don’t ask” when the pop-up appears.
  • Now, when your phone reaches a certain amount, an alert will appear. It will also tell you when the battery is getting low. It will also adjust how the battery works. iOS 14 makes it easier for people to monitor and save on their phones’ batteries.

To get more details, watch Siri Shortcut Automation on iOS 14.

Shortcut Automation Drain Battery: Top 5 Shortcuts Apps for Apple iOS

Make your Apple iOS faster and more capable with the help of these shortcut apps. The apps are faster and make your work easier immediately.

HomeBot for Shortcut

HomeBOt is one of the interesting apps when talking about shortcuts for the iPhone. The app gives users new things they can do with their HomeKit devices. The homekit automations in the shortcuts app are some of the least used, when they should be some of the most used.

The app can do things like turn off, switch between, or toggle different devices in your home. It also lets you use conditions to start scenes. You can switch between light bulbs in a room with one tap, make a list of all your Homekit devices, and more.

Text Case

The shortcut app is much more detailed in what it’s supposed to do. Text Case gives you many more options for formatting text than the default options in Shortcuts.

In fact, many of the formats given by text case, such as the “mOcKiNgSpOnGeBoB” format, have been converted to shortcuts by other shortcut users.


This app has so many more things you can do than other apps. This acts like something more important and powerful. These actions include being able to add passes to the wallet app, read CSV files, make random data, and build universal variables.


The action app is part of the shortcuts app. This app comes with a bunch of new features that users of shortcuts can start using right away. Open shortcuts and start adding tasks from this app to start using what this app has to offer. That’s all it takes.


Scriptable is the app made by Simon B. Stvring, who also made Data Jar. This one is not easy to use, but that’s part of what makes it so powerful. The user can write and run JavaScript within the scriptable app.

If you know JavaScript, this lets you use the language to its fullest. You can use this to get information from websites and automate some tasks in Scriptable.

Does Changing an App Icon Drain the Phone’s Battery?

Apple would not let you finally change the app icons on your iPhone if it would make it worse in the long run. Android users have been doing this properly and without damaging their phones batteries for years.

App icons are just pictures that don’t run in the background like background apps. The apps that run in the background use battery and make your phone low on battery. The app icons cannot be processing anything. App icons are just a picture; they have nothing to do with battery life.


Shortcuts are a quick way to get things done in your apps by tapping or asking Siri. Shortcuts are used to make work easier, such as making you realize your battery lever is low, making you remember your timings, copying text from one app and pasting it into another app, creating expense reports, and more.

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