Your website is your overall business, and therefore, it can be your life cycle. Yes, updating your website helps SEO and maximizes your search engine ranking. But when will it be a good time to update website content with the help of SEO? In this post, we will discuss in detail how to update website SEO or blog posts into well-optimized content through Google Search Console.

Updating content like old blogs is ineffective if you don’t have knowledge. There are millions of people who post new content and then forget about it. Basically, they started publishing contents but didn’t focus on updating them consistently.

We all know refreshing websites or content comes under the high benefits of SEO. Of course, you will earn high traffic from search engines if you’re consistent in updating content and create highly quality content that is appealing.

Furthermore, you can simply enhance your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). As a result, it can be a natural benefit because of good traffic. Although it is not just about benefit.

Once you moved your website ranking up on the result pages, people might be able to easily access your piece of content. Another reason for updating old content with SEO is that it generates more backlinks. Backlinks are the main key to enhancing your domain’s authority. Visit Semrush to check our domain authority score.

Tips to Update My Website Without Losing SEO

All of us have the misconception that updating or redesigning a website can harm your SEO. Don’t worry, there is nothing like that. Here we will discuss simple ways to update website without losing SEO.

Store Your Website Back-Ups

Just as a precaution, it is important to store a backup of the site before starting the process of updating or redesigning it. Keep a record of your plugins, theme files, and database. This is because if something goes wrong here and there, you can bring it back from the backup.

Making a backup of the website is very easy. To create a website backup, use the UpdraftPlus plugin and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Set up a Maintenance Mode Page

I am sure you do not want any visitor to your website to see a broken page or broken link, right? Therefore, it is recommended that you have a “Site Under Maintenance” for the time it takes for your content page to change.

To make a maintenance mode page, go with the SeedProd theme, which is the most lightweight and usable theme builder for WordPress. Through SeedProd’s amazing features, you can change or reconstruct Worpress Pages with no code or without hiring a developer.

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Track Your Present SEO Positions

Once you’ve gone through the maintenance page mode, the next step is to track your website’s SEO database before redesigning its content or design.

Through this, you can easily manage your Update Website SEO performance after doing the required redesigns.

In order to track your site’s SEO status, visit the Google Analytics Tracking Tool and then take away the most highly effective blog posts and pages.

The next step is to go to your Google Search Console or whatever tool you use to track your keyword rankings. After getting the data, click on the download button and keep it safe in your file to compare it with your changed website.

Don’t Make Changes in Content and Structure

Once you have downloaded the SEO data, think about your content and structure. Simply put, you should not make any changes to the contents of your web page while updating the design of your website.

Moreover, your website structure shows the hierarchy of your web pages and the URL structure. This is why you should avoid making changes or edits to pages of your site or URLs.

In some cases, pages or URL structures need to change, so you will need to implement 301 redirects. It might be a little hard, but if you use a plugin such as All in One SEO, you can make the process easier.

Use On-Page SEO of Your Web Content

Once the updated website SEO is in place, you need to consider the on-page analysis of the content. Do you need a guide to optimization? If yes, then go for this detailed SEO guide for beginners.

During the website redesign process, don’t tweak your headers, body of content, title, or meta-descriptions. Create a spreadsheet so that you can compare your old designs and the process of making new designs in detail.

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Redesigning Your Website with SEO

There are huge mistakes of updating website an owner should avoid, but you should take these mistakes seriously. Therefore, I have shown the 4 biggest mistakes you should avoid while redesigning a website with SEO.

Unable to Setting the Right Goals

If you don’t have the right analysis and plan about where to start, what to solve, and how your website will look after a redesign, then it can be a major problem that you should fix first. Creating specific goals is mandatory in the case of designing a complete strategy for redesign.

Is it complicated for you? You don’t have an idea about setting the right goal? Don’t worry, just find a website that seems like yours and then discuss with your designer how to design it as you want.

Work on Aesthetics Over Functionality

The motive for redesigning a website should be that it should look good and work better. But the reality is that these two will overlap, and you will have to choose one of them.

So, focus on the functionality of the website instead of aesthetics, because when the functionality of a website is good and search engine-friendly, visitors will be able to easily get their searches, which will improve the ranking.

Skipping Website Analysis

Without analyzing the website for crucial metrics, determining the goals and results that you dream of getting is not possible. It is necessary to have an audit for analytics data and KPIs because, with this, you can solve problems like missed opportunities and things not working properly on your website.

Sticking on a Small Budget

If you updated your website five years ago in a very pocket-friendly way, then don’t think that you can go for a site update again on the same budget. Especially when you want a great redesigned website.

In earlier times, only an online brochure was enough for a website, but as the competition increased, companies provided their customers with excellent websites and applications, which were custom and had advanced functionality.

As an advanced website with advanced functionality and performance, including content management systems and responsive design, which play an important role in providing a good user experience and excellent functionality, you cannot pay the same as you paid earlier.

How Often Should I Redesign My Website Content with SEO?

The most pressing question is “How often does a website need to be updated”? The simple answer is as many times as it is required.

Although minor updates can be done daily, the website as a whole should be updated every 3 years.

Here are some signs that show the time for a redesign and an update website SEO:

Missing Information

A visitor sees everything on your website that he needs, so if your website is not according to his needs, then you need to consider it. A website is the right hand of your business and provides effective resource for your users at every level of the Buyer’s journey.

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog has a perfect point when they reveal, “Content Management Systems (CMS) have been introduced over the decades, so now we have no excuse for not employing one to conveniently handle your website content with no use of code”.

Not Interested in Displaying Your Website

A website owner should be proud of his/her website! A website describes who you are among people in a great way.

If you do not feel proud to show your website to others, then website redesigning can be a better option for you. Start making a website that shows your business goals and creates a proud moment among the target customers.

Not Viewable Website for Mobile and Tablets

Does your website have an excellent viewable experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop computers? Visitors mostly like websites with a responsive design that is easy to load and navigate. It is the most important factor!

According to a 2019 study, 62% of users connected to the internet using their smartphones globally. A non-responsive and unorganized website for all devices causes an unclear indication and a red flag for your business, so make sure you consider update Website SEO.

Not Accessing Expected Website Traffic

If you have less traffic on your web page, it’s time to think about redesigning your site. The website traffic depends on how high your SEO value is. Does your website show up in the SERP? Is your target keyword related to search queries?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, requires strategy, time, and research. Even Google brings thousands of updates to their algorithm in a year! This indicates you need proper attention to these changes and the methods that Google and other search engines instruct about making valuable and useful content.


There are many benefits to timely updating your website with SEO. A typical life cycle is included in your content for the product. This includes a growth phase, an introduction section, a maturity section, and the decline category.

If you choose the maturity section to update your content or blog post, you’re mainly going to start a new life cycle and want to not use the decline phase. No doubt, this method is popular for generating organic traffic on your website, and a piece of content will enhance your business value.

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