Cricket Wireless Network is basically connected to a mobile virtual network that delivers accurate details to AT&T’s cellular network. Typically, the device works as a service provider and was called one of the most effective full-service MVNOs organized by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Are you searching for an idea to save on your smartphone bill? Think about Cricket Wireless as your service provider. However, signing up for Cricket Wireless plans is quite effective, but sometimes it becomes hard if you don’t have enough ideas to work with them.

So, I have something interesting for you in this blog section, allowing you to make your signing process easier and more convenient. Let’s get started.

Plans and Pricing of Cricket Wireless

Well, the network comes with four various plans, meaning a user can select his or her favorite plan without getting multiple lines for alternate discounts.

Below are some table figures that show you how much each Cricket Wireless plan costs according to the line monthly. The prices include discounts, taxes, and fees.

These plans have amazing features such as texting, unlimited talk, picture messaging, HD Voice, and Wi-Fi calling. Each plan comes with 5G Internet speed and supports every device. 128 kbps of unlimited data speed will be provided after your monthly data usage.

$30 is available for 1 GB, $40 is available for 3 GB monthly, $50 is available for 8 GB, and the unlimited pack is available for just $70 monthly.

Users can enjoy unlimited plans with unlimited high-speed data. The most expensive plan, which is unlimited, includes a mobile hotspot, 15 GB of data, 150 GB of cloud storage, and a free HBO Max subscription.

Sign up Strategies

Once you decide to go with the Cricket Wireless Plan, experts suggest signing up with your service provider online to avoid the $25 activation charge. The strategy is quite easy to use.

 In this section, I’ll share the easy activation process of the Cricket Wireless Plan with you. I applied when I got the 5GB plan.

Plus, I am also going to share how you will get a service month for less than $16!

  • So, the first step is to visit the Cricket Wireless website and select the 5GB monthly plan.
  • Then you need to select between purchasing Cricket phones (some are free) and bringing your own. The recommendation is to choose your own.
  • Now, check the phone’s compatibility by mentioning its IMEI No.
  • Let it verify. Once it is done, your phone is compatible.
  • Then, Select the SIM Card Type (necessary).
  • You will review certain choices, such as data online, voice, new customers, or current customers.
  • You will review certain choices, such as data online, voice, new customers, or current customers.
  • You have to pay $9.99 for the SIM Kit.
  • Once it is added to your shopping cart, enter the ZIP code.
  • Choose an additional line and proceed to checkout.
  • The next day, you will get a shipment confirmation message on your email ID. Receive your SIM card in the mail on the same day.
  • Insert the SIM Card into your phone and visit to Next, here you need to choose the device type, buying address and the new customer.

Then, enter your Cricket phone number and order number to sign up for the service. Other details about the service would be sent to your email id.

Call and Text Features

Once 30-32 days are over, you can try out Cricket Wireless services by dialing and receiving phone calls, as well as receiving and sending text messages from your phone.

The SIM card runs perfectly even after the month. You can enjoy reliable, no-dropped calls, delivered text messages, consistent and clear voice features.

This Cricket Phone Network offers easy access to AT&T’s network and worldwide coverage. If you want to see Cricket Wireless Network coverage within your nearest locations, click on the Coverage map.

Go to the Cricket Wireless website and enter your ZIP code and address to review the service in your location.

Plus, see the special coverage available including 4G/LTE and 5G.

Data Performances

According to AT&T’s coverage map, you can get reliable data performance with this MVNO.

Don’t forget to enter your address before switching to the Cricket Wireless Network. Review AT&T’s coverage maps to analyze an accurate understanding of services in your area.

In the case of trying Cricket Wireless, you should check the data speeds by visiting by Ookla.

When I tried, my download speed was around 25 Mbps. The slowest download speed I reviewed was 12.27 Mbps, and the fastest download speed was 32.65Mbps.

Consumer Reports reveals that 19 Mbps is the required speed for streaming TV shows and 4K movies. 25 Mbps for streaming 4K videos would be best for Netflix. Amazon needs 8 Mbps for SD videos and 50 Mbps for HD videos.

Customer Support

It is noticeable that effective customer support is necessary for a phone carrier. Unlucky, there are numerous telecommunication companies that are surfing from these things.

In order to analyze how long you will have to wait for service and what kind of service you will get, you need to contact Cricket Wireless through the phone or online chat.

To get the video support related to Cricket Wireless Activation Process, watch the video:


Hopefully, you have got the basic rules of activating the Cricket Wireless. Now, Its time to ensure when you’re going to choose the Cricket Phone or Wireless Phone, you have to consider the mentioned above factors including Download Speed, Operator, and Plans and Pricing.

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