So, are you finding an answer about how baseball is harder than cricket? Are you stuck in baseball and cricket games? Today, I’ll give you an answer to your question.

Is baseball harder than cricket? Then, because of numerous factors, cricket is harder than baseball. However, both sports activities have their own rules and regulations.

America and Japan are the main hubs of baseball sports, and they sponsor a lot of tournaments. Asia, Australia, and Europe are some other major hubs for baseball sports. Cricket, on the other hand, has an incredible craze in India, Australia, Pakistan, England, the West Indies, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Bowling VS Pitching

In cricket, when the bowler pitches the ball to the batter in the middle of the field, called “pitch,” it is known as “bowling.” On the other hand, this action is called pitching in baseball. Pitching in baseball is easier than bowling in cricket because of the format of the game.

Unlike baseball, bowlers in cricket do not stand to throw the ball as per cricket ball size but instead, look towards the field to make a throw. Instead, bowlers in cricket perform an intense run-up with a unique throwing motion to put as much power behind the bowl as possible. Also, a bowler takes a long run-up to bowl at a fast pace in cricket.

Furthermore, the bowlers in cricket perform a lot of throws along with bowling than a baseball pitcher. And the batter in cricket faces those throws more than a baseball batter does.

Both Games Equipment

As mentioned above, baseball and cricket are two different games. Just like that, the equipment used in both games is also different.

Batters in cricket wear more protective gear than basketball batters. This includes leg padding, a larger helmet, torso padding, and more, while a baseball batter only wears a helmet to protect the head.

The reason for this is that when a batsman hits the ball and moves from his place to another place to take a run, he has to run with all the protection gear along with his bat. It can be said that it is a much more difficult task than running to a base in a baseball game with just a helmet on.

Plus, the field at the cricket ground doesn’t use gloves and mitts. So, the fielders must catch the ball with their hands with no protection gloves, and this is quite harder than catching a baseball with a leather glove.

Catching with bare hands can be injurious for the fielders, resulting in broken fingers and fractures in the hand.

Rules of Out

The baseball size has rules like flying out, tagging out, striking out, and forcing out for the batting team. So, in baseball, a batter can get out in various ways. But, in cricket, taking a wicket from the batsman is quite hard.

However, a batsman can get out of various rules. In addition to flying and tagging out, a cricket batsman can also be out technically, such as by getting in the way of outfielders or by hitting the stumps with his bat. In this way, in cricket, it is a very difficult task for a batsman to increase the scoreboard.

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Is It Difficult to Hit a Ball for a 6 in Cricket or a Home-run in Baseball?

Is baseball harder than cricket? Now, it’s time to answer another question, which is, “Is it difficult to hit a ball for a six in cricket or a home run in baseball?

In cricket, it is very difficult to hit a ball of 160 grams with about 225 circumferences for 6. This cricket ball also has a slightly raised equatorial stitched seam, which changes the speed of the ball, helping bowlers to swing.

Shoaib Akhtar, a fast bowler from Pakistan, has delivered the fastest bowl. He has the record for fastest bowling at 161 km/h. If the ball is being bowled by a tall bowler, it is possible that the ball will come very fast to the waist of the batsman (up to the waist if it is a male and up to the chest if it is a female batsman), in which case the batsman will miss hitting the six many times.

A ball that does not pitch at the time of delivery is called a full-toss and is a golden opportunity given by the bowlers to the batsman to hit the ball for a six out of the ground.

Bowlers sometimes throw the ball above the waist due to sweaty paws (beanball in baseball), which is considered an illegal delivery and is also called no-ball in the language of cricket. From this ball, the batsman’s team gets an extra run, and the batsman gets the next ball free-hit.

A baseball ball, on the other hand, has a circumference of about 235 mm and a mass of 145 grams (comparable to the speed of the fastest ball in cricket), and due to air pressure, the weight of this ball becomes about 6.5 kg, which makes it possible to hit big.

As soon as the ball is hit, all fielders run for the catch except for the wicketkeeper. No fielder can wear gloves; if they do, five extra runs will be added to the scoreboard of the opposite team.

Of course, this is not the whole story of pitching; pitchers have an extensive arsenal of throwing balls, and the condition of the game cannot be understood until the ball is pitched before it reaches the batter.

Does a Baseball Hurt more than a Cricket Ball?

As shown earlier, cricket balls are quite harder than baseball balls. The ball of both sports is known for its own weight, although batsmen have been seen to die many times in cricket due to being hit by the ball. Apart from this, there are stitches on the cricket ball that can hurt the batsman badly.

On the other hand, there have been many incidents in baseball too, so every batter is advised to wear a helmet. Many times, due to the high speed ball of the bowlers, the batsmen fall on the ground and touch the stumps.

Is Batting in Cricket Harder Than in Baseball?

The answer to this question depends on the speed at which the ball reaches the batsman. A normal ball can be thrown at a speed of 140 kmph, which is 14000 meters per second.

A pitch can be approximately 22 yards, which is 20.13 meters. If a ball is being thrown at a speed of 40 meters per second, then it will take 20/39 ~ 0.5 seconds to reach the batsman.

But if the ball is not full-toss and reaches the batsman pitching on the ground and bearing air pressure, the speed of the ball will be reduced by about 5-15%. The ball should reach the batsman in 0.55–0.6 seconds.

A fast bowler takes a run-up of about 30 meters and can bowl 20 overs in a day (test match), which is about 3.6K.

Soccer requires a unique set of foot talents that are notoriously tough to perfect. Controlling a long ball thrown to you from 30 yards out is not easy, but the experts make it seem simple. It’s challenging, but not impossible, to dribble a soccer ball at top speed. It becomes challenging when you have to make sudden moves to the side and cope with another player who is essentially on top of you.

Cricket Ball Vs Baseball Size

There is only one common thing that is seen in cricket and baseball, and that is the size of the ball. Yes, the balls of both games are the same in size; just the size of the baseball ball is slightly bigger than the cricket ball.

According to the baseball rules, the circumference of a common baseball size should be between 9 and 9 and 1/4 inches.

A cricket ball is smaller but not much; it can be measured at a circumference of 8 and a 3/16 and 9 inches.


There is no hidden secret about the popularity of cricket and baseball among fans. So, in this case, it is common to think about the difference between both sports. That’s why the above-mentioned questions will help you find the ideal difference between them.

In both sports, the ball has various actions in the sense of gripping, stitching, weight, size, and color. The speed of the ball is based on the bowler’s talents.

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