Yes, digital marketing is one of the areas in which youth want to work the most because digital marketing is a high-paying job and is also in demand. People are interested in this field as new platforms are added. The fact that there are so many salary options makes a significant impact on the candidates and motivates them to work in this field.

Digital marketing is a high-paying job; the average salary of a digital marketer at the executive level is between Rs. 2 50,000 and Rs. 5,00,000. With more training, the salary can go up to Rs. 80 000 to Rs. 1 00,000.

As you begin digital marketing, it is essential to know what the most critical skills are. There are many different opportunities in digital marketing, and each has its own skills to learn.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a massive part of digital marketing, which is no secret. Social media managers use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sites to spread the word about brands.

In this era, workers work to make videos, graphics, and audience trends in front of people. It’s a job that combines writing, design, and project management, and you often need to be able to answer calls outside of work hours. You must have experience in both Internet marketing and community building.

Expected Salary: INR 42,000

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regardless of your background, search engine optimization is likely a big part of internet marketing. This is the most essential part of each piece of content, as the goal of all content is to be found.

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SEO experts have good job prospects in digital marketing. There is a massive need for people who know how to use social media, evaluate content quality, conduct competitive analysis, search on mobile devices, and analyze website data. To get maximum business online, you have to cover all these points.

Expected Salary: INR 50,000

Email Marketing

Here is another concept of getting involved in digital marketing: a high-paying job. Email marketing seems pretty straightforward: You send emails to groups of people who are likely to be interested. But it takes particular skill to aim at the right spot.

Marketing emails are sent to lists of customers and potential customers to get more business and make more people aware of goods and services.

Even when there isn’t a hard sell, they are often sent to keep people’s interest. Email marketers try out different subject lines, text, and styles to see which emails get the most attention.

Expected Salary: INR 55,000


As you learn more about digital marketing, you’ll see how essential writing is. Copywriters create different types of content, such as taglines, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and more. They also develop things like direct mail and movie scripts that aren’t digital.

Copywriters need to be good writers, but they also need to be intelligent and interested in new things. Their job is to get people’s attention in a world full of things to do.

Expected Salary: INR 45,000

Content Writing

Many people think that the copywriter and the content writer are the same, but once you start working as a digital marketer, you understand the differences between them.

Content writers focus on writing longer pieces that bring people to a site and keep them there throughout the sales cycle. They make whitepapers, case studies, blog posts, and eBooks that teach people and keep them returning for more.

Expected Salary: INR 42,000

How Much Can I Earn From Digital Marketing As A Beginner?

The average starting salary for a fresher in digital marketing is between 2 LPA and 3 LPA. This is the entry-level salary, which gradually increases depending on your role or what you want to do in digital marketing. The minimum starting salary for a fresh content writer or digital marketing manager is 2 LPA.

Salary Classification Based on Job Title

Experience Title Salary Per Month
2-5Months InternINR 7,000- INR 12,000
1Year Executive INR 17,000-INR 25,000
2Years Senior ExecutiveINR 30,000- INR 45,000
3Years Associate Lead INR 50,000- INR 60,000
4Years Team Lead INR 65,000- INR 80,000
5Years Associate Manager INR 90,000- INR 1,10, 000
6-10 Years Manager INR 1,50,000

Which Digital Marketing Agencies Pay The Most In India?

Over 200 companies were used to create this list of the top 5 Digital Marketing Businesses in India. As a result, all the above-mentioned digital marketing agencies are India’s highest-paying digital marketing companies. They may also offer better service in your area or state.

Studio Pixel

Studio Pixel is a Vizag-based digital marketing company that has won many awards. Studio Pixel is one of the most extensive digital design and marketing companies in Andhra Pradesh and employs some of the state’s best web designers and writers.

In the last ten years, he has helped more than 1262 clients. Their main goal is to work closely with their clients to create unique websites that connect them with their target customers.


Miram, which used to be called Social Wavelength, is one of the highest-paying digital marketing companies, as it gives excellent results and always provides the best.

They have also started providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. Miriam is a digital marketing firm that is well-organized, structured, and very effective. It is a borderless digital storytelling organization with a presence in other countries.


Based in Mumbai, Shebang is one of the best companies offering a high-paying digital marketingg job. It was started in 2015.

In just six years, over 800 people have joined Shabang. The shebang shows how important it is for the company to help the customer see the bigger picture.

The company provides end-to-end solutions and has done award-winning digital work for Fevicol, Jio, and other businesses.


Four college friends started this side project, which has become one of the highest-paying digital marketing companies and one of the independent digital marketing agencies in India.

The rise of Foximoron has been very impressive. It is a full-service marketing company that helps clients find the best solutions to their digital marketing problems.

Foximoron comprises a talented group of strategists, analysts, technical experts, designers, storytellers, and makers who use digital marketing methods to drive the best results for their clients.

Trace Presence

Trace Presence is an official Google partner, and one thing that makes its digital marketing strategies different from other digital marketing agencies is that it provides unique marketing solutions to specific customers to help businesses and start-ups build brand recognition and conversion rates.

 Their unique VCTC brand-building plan, where each letter stands for “visibility,” “credibility,” traffic,” and “conversion,” is 100% effective. Therefore, you need to get targeted traffic from natural sources that are entirely global in order to have a significant digital footprint.

Trace Presence is a modern digital marketing company that helps well-funded start-ups and large companies with their short- and long-term growth problems.

How do you start with the digital marketing roles?

Many people get started in digital marketing after working as a copywriter, webmaster, or influencer. If you want to become a digital marketer in several ways, a digital marketer starts in traditional marketing jobs before specializing. If you don’t have any unique experience, no problem; you can also become a digital marketer.

Know the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The first step to starting a job in digital marketing is to learn about SEO and SEM, analytics, social media marketing and advertising, and email marketing.

If you try to learn email marketing, SEO, analytics, and other skills one at a time, it may take you months or even years to build up a set of skills that work together.

Programs like BrainStation’s Digital Marketing boot camp are designed to help you learn the most essential parts of digital marketing quickly and efficiently.

Know About The Main Tools Of Digital Marketing

The more experience you have with digital marketing tools, the easier it will be for you to become a digital marketer. For example, Google Analytics and Google Ads let digital marketers track and measure how well their digital marketing efforts and projects perform.

SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush are also vital because they let marketers find relevant keywords, check backlinks to your pages, find related keywords, and study your competitors’ SEO.

You need to learn the essential digital marketing tools of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz, Buffer, Hubspot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Canva.

Make A Portfolio Of Your Digital Marketing Work

Creating a portfolio is an added task for digital marketers. Instead of just showing the finished product, you need to show how you worked as a team, planned, and thought strategically about the results.

If you can include newsletters, social media posts, or content marketing pieces that have already been published, make it clear that you wrote them.

Make A Resume For Marketing

Most of the time, your resume is the first thing a potential employer sees about you, so it pays to get it right. When it makes sense, use bullet points. Your marketing skills and knowledge should be focused, and hard statistics can help.

It would be best if you changed your resume for every job application. View job offers and company websites. The tone of your cover letter and resume should match what you see out there. Showcase your creativity and personality in a way that matches the company name.

Make Your Contacts For Marketing

Building an extensive network as a digital marketer naturally starts online. In addition to establishing yourself as an authority in digital marketing, a high-paying job through social media and a blog, you can also build your brand and audience by distributing newsletters focused on your area of expertise.

There are many online and offline events for digital marketers to connect and expand their professional network.

Do I Need A Degree in Digital Marketing?

To become an internet marketer, you do not need a degree. You can learn about digital marketing by starting a small business or working at a start-up. But if you have a degree, you can do well in a marketing job for a company.

Here are some of the most important things you should consider if you want to do well in digital marketing.

  • Most courses in digital marketing require a bachelor’s degree in any field, but some may accept those with a high school diploma or work experience.
  • Some digital marketing schools may require you to have already taken marketing, statistics, or technology classes.
  • Online courses and boot camps may have less strict educational standards, but they still require you to know how to use a computer and the Internet.

What Would Be The Future Of Digital Marketing Jobs In India?

A study by Goldman Sachs states that by 2025, the Indian Internet business in digital marketing will be worth ₹13,126,162,080.00 (INR), more than three times its value now.

The future of digital marketing gives a better idea of what digital marketing can do in India and how popular it is becoming as a career.

Many digital marketing firms in India can help businesses with their marketing needs. Digital marketing is growing because of many things, such as significant changes in standard marketing. Before this, most marketing was done through door-to-door sales and word-of-mouth.

Previously, marketers had to do a lot of physical labor to spread the word about their goods. On the other hand, people today expect everything they need to be at their fingertips.

We all know that digital marketing a high-paying job has grown in popularity over the past few years. Now you can find even the most minor things on the internet. People and marketers are very interested in the trend of digital marketing.


When a company uses online channels such as social media, email, blogs, and online advertisements to advertise its products, it engages in digital marketing. A digital footprint should be established, and campaigns should be conducted to reach the intended demographic. Digital marketing is a high-quality job with many future plans in this era.

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