In sports, one of the most crucial factors ensuring success is the players’ passion. In basketball, people believe that the tallest players can achieve success as soon as possible. Well, yes, average height for basketball players is necessary, but mostly because it is based on the position in which a player stands.

On the basketball court, there are five players available at one time, typically contributing to a target according to their positions. Basically, it is not proven yet, but height is a necessary thing that affects the positions.

The positions in basketball are quite important for the players, but each position requires actions in different ways without consideration of the position or the player’s height.

A basketball player must have speed, endurance, strength, and athletic ability instead of height to be successful. College recruiters often ask the question, “Is height important for basketball players? The answer is no; however, it depends on the position.

What is The Average Height of An NBA Player in Basketball?

Basketball players must be 6.6 feet tall to be competitive against the team. According to 2007-2008, the average height of a basketball player should be 6 feet, 6.97 inches tall, as per

Yao Ming is the tallest player in basketball history, at 7 feet, 6 inches tall. On the other hand, the shortest player is Nate Robinson, who is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

Moreover, according to, thinking about the average height of basketball players, like a 25 year-old male who is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, is crucial to consider when playing basketball.

This can be enough reasons why basketball is so popular sport; a player may play this game if he or she has necessary talents or skills such as efficiency, passion, dedication, endurance, strength, and ability instead of height matters.

However, having a tall height can be action-high, but it doesn’t increase the chances of short players playing basketball on the court at a high risk.

No doubt, taller players often beat shorter players because they have rebounding advantages. Shorter players, although they have the ability to handle the ball perfectly and reach the goal, even shorter players face some difficulties shooting the basketball from long range.

These are certain reasons why taller players are better than shorter players, not only in height but also in skills, strength, and passions.

Top Successful Tallest Basketball Players

Here are the tallest basketball players who have fantastic skills about how to shoot the ball with a smart mindset:

Top Shortest Players in Basketball Under 6 Feet

The below-mentioned players are examples of the current shortest players because they beat the misconceptions of the tallest height in basketball. These are the biggest players in the NBA.

Situations When Height is Mandatory in Basketball

One of the best things that make basketball a unique sport among all sports is that all players must come up with different performing skills. On the basketball court, a player needs to do these tasks instead of size:

  • Pass
  • Rebound
  • Shoot
  • Dribble
  • Block Out
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Play Defense

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If a player has the above skills, he can easily perform at the hardest level of the game. Tallest basketball players and shorter players have different skills; for example, a taller player can perform these skills while a shorter player cannot, but that doesn’t mean there is no chance of a shorter player in this sport.

We admit the average height of basketball players plays an important role in rebounding and shooting when closer to the basket, but height often fails when in need of smart skills.

However, shorter players focus a lot on rebounding and shooting shots that are close to the basket. They need to jump higher and shoot to fill the basket.  

Situations When Height is Not Necessary in Basketball

If you have unique skills that have the ability to shock the taller NBA players, then you’re most welcome in basketball. Your skills matter above all else.

Usually, a shorter player can dribble a basketball because they are lower to the ground, and the center point of gravity makes it easier to handle the position.

Another beneficial thing for the smaller players is shooting at longer ranges, but it requires accurate and unbeatable skills to perform at the same time in certain positions. Generally, the smaller players take responsibility for handling the basketball in youth basketball.

These skills help them understand the position well, thereby encouraging them in the long run.

Can I Play Basketball if I am short?

Yes. Of course, you can play basketball even if you’re under 6 feet. Whatever sport you’re playing, you must have a craze for it. However, a player must have all the necessary skills to be learned, and through practice and passion, he/she can definitely achieve the experienced basketball player tag in the future.

Are you too short or too young to join the basketball team? If yes, then predicting how tall you will be when you get older is the starting consideration for you.

4 Tips for Shorter Players to Become a Good Basketball Player

If you’re concerned about your height, first relax and apply these effective tips to impress fans or coaches on the basketball court.

  • Be Quick and Agile: Speed and agility are quite essential if you’re short in basketball. The ideal way to work on this tip is to turn quickly and rotate the position to keep up with taller players.
  • Practice for an accurate Shooting: This is one of the best strategies for beating your height. Yes, you have to become a good shooter. To become an important asset for your team, practice knockdown shots; it doesn’t matter where you are on the court.
  • Be a Good Passer: To beat your height, it is good to be a good passer. A tall player will often suffer from seeing the defense due to height, so you should be a good passer so that you will be able to discover them open for easy baskets.
  • Turn yourself into a good defender: It doesn’t matter if you’re short; you can still be a good defender for your team. You just need to have a perfect understanding of the current game and quickly act as a defender.
  • Lead the team: To avoid your short height, lead your basketball team from the start. Play with confidence and a positive mindset on the court. Try to control the player’s aggressive attitude. You also need to calm down. You need to be a good role model for youth and future players.


Height is important in basketball for some positions, but overall, a short player might be a good player if he has unique skills that beat height. As we discussed, basketball is a unique sport that finds skilled players who can develop eye-catching shots or moves through hard work.

In terms of the jump to the basket, height becomes quite necessary. But we have also reviewed some shorter players who proved height is nothing compared to your talents in the NBA.

Do you love basketball? Want to improve your basketball skills? Don’t think about your size; instead, focus on your dream positions.

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