One of the best things about watching football is getting to see how smart and creative some of the players are. The way the best players in the world come up with some unbeatable football moves, skills, or tricks to get out of what seems like an impossible.

Here are the top 10 best football moves. There are so many more that you learn football skills. Let’s see how to learn these moves.

1.The Cryff Turn
2.The Elastico
3.The Maradona Turn
4.The Fake Rabona
5.The Step-Over Snapback
6.The Rabona
7.The Chop
8.The Griezmann
9.The Rainbow Flick
10.The James Rodriguez

The Cruyff Turn

Johann Cruffy was one of the most skilled players to ever play the game. Aside from winning almost every trophy there was and leaving a legacy in football, his greatest success was coming up with the Cruyff Turn.

It is now one of the first things that every skilled player wants to learn, and that’s the specialty of Cruyff. He made things that were hard easy. This move is one of the best Unbeatable Football Moves of all time.

  • Take a ball on your instep and move like you are going to pass it to a partner.
  • Put your weight on the foot that is standing.
  • Turn your pips to change direction.
  • Get far away from your opponent quickly.

The Elastico

Ronaldinho liked to do the Elastico, which is one of the hardest moves in football. In it you need to rool your foot around the ball and when it is different side you need to move the ball in the different way of opponent in quick move.

Zinedine Zidane was also a fan, but Ronaldinho was the only one who could really pull off the show.

How To Learn

  • With the ball at your feet, slowly dribble towards a defense. You can hope they will come toward you.
  • Move the ball with the outside of your feet, and then switch to the inside of your feet all at once. This will let you skip past him.
  • This is not easy, and it may take you a long time to get used to moving the ball from the outside of your foot to the inside of your foot all in one move.

The Maradona Turn

So many players work on it. Its beauty comes from how easy it is to do. The great Argentinian player’s ability to move around the ball and change the location of the ball forward could be done at full speed; it is just amazing to see.

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How To Learn

  • To start, place the bottom of your left foot on the ball.
  • Pull it back as you turn your body.
  • When you’ve completed the half-turn, move the ball away from your left foot and allow your right foot to come up.
  • Pull the ball out in front of you with your right foot so that you can keep going.

The Fake Rabona

This is one of the unbeatable football moves you can teach as a teacher. Beginners love it, and they try to do it in games.

Fake Rabona is when you pretend to kick the ball with your foot on the ground.

How To Learn

  • Look forward while dribbling the ball.
  • Pretend to do a Rabona and bring your left foot in front of the ball.
  • Now, sneak behind the ball with your right foot and control the ball by changing direction with the laces.
  • At the same time, you must rotate your body so that you are moving in the opposite direction.

The Step-Over Snapback

The move is on the list because it’s easy to do and works well to create space. This can be done on the spot or while running. And it is one of the suppressing moves that makes opponents shock.

How to Learn

  • Lean forward and place the ball at your feet.
  • With the same leg, roll the ball across your body with the top of your foot as you lunge forward.
  • Now shift your weight to the other foot and snap the ball back with it in the opposite direction.

The Rabona

This can be hard to achieve in a game, but if you do, you’ll probably nutmeg your opponent, leaving them with their heads on the ground as they try to hide their shame.

Because of this, the Neymar rollover Rabona is one of the best soccer moves to learn.

How to Learn

  • Your right foot should be on top of the ball.
  • Roll it from one side of your body to the other.
  • move your left foot to it;
  • Right after you step on the ball, tap it with the lace of your right foot.

The Chop

To confuse your opponent and get them in the wrong direction, this unbeatable football moves is best done at high speed.

The move is to confuse your opponent. To perform it, you need to take the ball from one side of your body to another side of your body, and your opponent will be confused between the two sides.

How to Learn

  • Run toward the defense. When they get close, jump up and land by chopping the ball under your standing leg.
  • Change the pace of the ball quickly and go into space.
  • If you do this correctly, you and the ball will go in one direction, and your opponent will keep going in the other.

The Griezmann

This move, made by the French World Cup Winner and Barcelona forward, has become associated with him. Again, this move is all about close control and balancing.

How to Learn

  • When you get close to the defender, stand on the ball and tap it forward with your weak foot.
  • When your opponent goes for the ball, use the fact that he is off-balance to your advantage.
  • Knock the ball past him with your strong foot and move away from him.

The Rainbow Flick

There is no one who really knows where the Rainbow came from, but Jay-Jay Okocha brought it to the Premier League often when he played for Bolton Wanderers. It is done by rolling the ball up the back of one leg with one foot, then flicking it over an opponent’s head and catching it on the other side.

How to Learn

  • Put one foot in front of the ball and tilt your body slightly toward your opponent.
  • Then roll your back foot up your calf, getting closer to your opponent as you do so.
  • The last step is to jump and throw the ball over your head in the direction you are moving.

The James Rodriguez

This move, which is named after a Columbia player, is a good way to get some space as you head toward the goal.

How to Learn

  • Run toward the goal and then pretend to cut it, which will make your opponent change direction.
  • Again, move to the outside and control the ball with the outside of your foot.
  • Get the shot.


Use this time and these unbeatable football moves to improve your skills so you can play with confidence when you get back on the field. While other people are setting up on their couches, you can perform like a professional player. You could be in the game one day if you are disciplined and work hard.

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