In today’s era, we are surrounded by technology. All the sectors are employing updated and highly efficient machines or technologies to enhance their presence in the market. In this blog, we will discuss whether you should buy 5G internet Plans or not. Well, the answer is yes, of course you should buy a 5G network, but there are some pros and cons of 5G technology that are given below.

If we talk about telecommunication networks, we can undoubtedly say that we have a strong communication network with consistent improvement. Today, 5G networks are gaining everyone’s attention due to their speed, cheap plans, and strong networks.


Higher Bandwidth

A user’s capacity doesn’t increase if a wireless network’s bandwidth isn’t in action. One of the best benefits of this 5G network is that it can easily connect and support a large number of users devices at once. You can buy 5G internet plans for these reasons. The space provided by 5G internet enables it to provide faster and stronger speeds.

Lower Latency  

When a device sends data to a receiver so that the receiver can use that data, that movement is called latency; it is an interval of movement between the sender and the receiver. You can identify it in such a way as how much time it takes for the user to click on the link sent by you or how much time a website is taking to load in terms of latency.

This is the reason that the latency of 5G is lower than that of 4G, so people can connect to each other quickly in less time.

High Speed Internet

Today, everyone wants faster internet speeds, right? And 5G made this possible for us. As per the study, 5G users can save 23 hours every month in gaming, movie downloads, streaming, social media, and music. The speed capacity is possible because of the higher bandwidth network that allows huge connections to each smart phone.

Efficient for Latest Technology

No doubt, if you’re getting increased bandwidth and speed from the 5G network, it will definitely welcome the new technological opportunities for different industries.

Companies are using higher-speed 4G vs 5G networks to manage their work. Heavy machines, AI technology, drones, smart phones, improved sensors, etc. can easily connect to the 5G network.


Cyber security Restrictions

5G networks are suffering from the new cyber security risks. The network is based on software that is easily accessible to hackers. Furthermore, as 5G connects a huge device at a time, it is possible to encourage cybercriminals to attack the network.

Restricted Areas

Some 5G network companies in India launched 5G networks only in certain metropolises and developed areas of the country. Small towns and rural areas are still unable to access 5G networks. These areas will have to wait several years for the complete connection of 5G Networks.

Limited Connectivity

Tall buildings and trees stand in the middle of the high-frequency radio wave that provides the 5G network, which reduces the quality of the broadcast network. A straightforward solution to this could be that 5G operators would need to install more cellular towers to improve extensive coverage.

In order to increase the efficiency of the network, transmitters should be installed on small towers, although it may take some time.

Buy 5G internet Plans: Which Company’s 5G Network Is Best in India?

Here are the top 4 5G network companies in India you should consider for high-speed internet and calls:

Bharti Airtel

Airtel has maintained an average operating margin of around 34.45% over the last five years. Plus, the company’s average revenue per user (ARPU) can increase by 6%, which means the company is profitable.

It can be said that investing in the company’s 5G network can be very beneficial; the company not only operates the country’s largest telecommunication network but also has the largest number of users in the market.

Reliance JIO

Today we all are taking advantage of the unlimited plans of 4G. The direct credit goes to the JIO company, which in the year 2016 provided recharges of unlimited packs of 4G to Indian users at about 95% less than the recharges of its competitors.

In the financial year of 2021, Reliance earned around INR 4,66,924 crore, out of which around INR 90,287 crore came only from the JIO sector. It can be said that the company is the best and cheapest option in 5G stock.

Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea, or VI, is the smart and strong connection between the two international communication businesses. They merged together to create a new communication network in the digital world. They have reached new milestones in 5G networks.

DSR, cloudification of Cor, and massive MIMO are several technologies introduced by Vodafone Idea. VI has introduced its new 5G networks in two major cities in India.


MTNL is India’s fourth-biggest Internet Service Provider (ISP). The company will announce 5G trials in the country with the support of DOT, apart from this, MTNL saw a 124% share last year. In 2022, the recorded revenue of MTNL was about INT 1,149 billion. BSNL is owned by MTNL, and has launched various 5G stocks in the country.

Buy 5G internet Plans: Which 5G Plans Are Best For Starting?

As we have discussed above top 4 best 5G companies in India, Now, let’s talk about their recharge plans and what plans you should buy 5G internet Plans:

Price Rs 179Rs 155Rs 179Rs 147
Data Limit2GB2GB 2GB 10GB
Validity 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days
CallUnlimited CallsUnlimited Calls Unlimited CallsUnlimited Calls
Other FeaturesHellotunes, Amazon Prime Mobile Edition, Wynk Music Jio AppVI Movies & TVN/A
Appropriate Plan: BSNL Rs 179

Price Rs 179Rs 269Rs 265Rs 149
Data Limit 1GB/Day1GB/Day1GB/Day1GB/Day
Validity 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days
CallUnlimited Calls Unlimited CallsUnlimited Calls Unlimited Calls
Other Features JIO Apps Connectivity Vi Movies & TV Amazon Prime Mobile Edition, Wynk Music N/A
Appropriate Plan: Airtel Rs 265

Price Rs 187Rs 359Rs 299Rs 259
Data Limit2GB/Day2GB/Day2GB/Day2GB/Day
Validity 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days
CallUnlimited CallsUnlimited Calls Unlimited Calls Unlimited Calls
Other Features N/A2GB Backup Data, weekend Data Rollover, VI Movies &TVJio AppsShaw Academy, Amazon Prime Mobile Edition, Rs 100 Cashback on FASTag, Wynk Music
Appropriate Plan: Reliance Jio Rs 299

Price Rs 599Rs 997 (166/month)Rs 601Rs 501
Data Limit 3GB/Day 2GB/Day3GB/Day+6GB3GB/Day+16GB
Validity 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days 28 Days
CallUnlimited Calls Unlimited Calls Unlimited Calls Unlimited Calls
Other Features Amazon Prime Mobile Edition, Disney+Hotstar Mobile, Shaw Academy, Rs 100 Cashback on FASTagN/A Jio Apps, Disney+Hotstar Mobile EditionWeekend Data Rollover, 2GB Backup Data, Disney+Hotstar Mobile, Bingle All Night, VI Movies & TV
Appropriate Plan: VI Rs 501

Should I Buy 4G Phones or 5G Phones?

If we compare 4G Vs 5G Networks or phones, the result will show that 5G might be a better choice than 4G, but there are some myths about it. Let’s discuss it in detail.


Due to its high speed, bandwidth, and efficiency, the price of the five phones is more expensive than 4G phones. The price in this segment can be Rs 10, 000 to Rs 150,000; however, at this price, you can get both networks, 4G and 5G.

While spending money on 5G networks or 5G phones can be a great and future-proof idea, planning a 5G phone is pointless if you don’t have the coverage and budget.


5G networks are available only in some big cities in India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Banaras, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. While other cities are expecting to access 5G coverage over the next five months, this can be a consideration for you when buying 5G phones.

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On the other hand, 4G networks are everywhere in urban and rural areas of India. Make sure you have a strong connection to the 5G network in your area of residence and work before considering purchasing a smartphone.

Performance Features

In the price category, you can get a high-performance 4G phone with extra features compared to a 5G phone at the same price. However, a 4G network cannot be a more future-proof option, but it is still a valuable device and the most demanding option if someone does not have 5G connectivity in their area.

Future Ready

5G devices are better future-proof options than 4G phones. Major corporate hubs are turning to 5G networks and chipsets, just like we moved from the micro USB port to the USB Type C port.

You can buy 5G internet Plans with extra benefits like unlimited calling, 2.5 GB of data, high-speed internet, and more, starting at the lowest price.

Can I Upgrade My 4G Network To 5G Networks?

Looking for a way to upgrade your 4G network to 5G? The answer is No, you can’t upgrade the cellular networks. But if you’re suffering from a slow internet connection, go for troubleshooting mobile internet connection on the Android version.


Your 5G network usage depends on which area you live in. Although communication companies will bring their 5G stocks to all areas by 2023’s end. Areas where 5G networks are available can consider it, choose the plans, and enjoy the benefits. But if you are thinking about the 4G network, then this will also be a very good offer for you; you can access it even from the smallest village. I hope you liked this blog post!

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