Have you also come to this page looking for the answer to the question, “Can I go on holiday with my Ex?” Yes, you can go on holiday with your ex-girlfriend, but it depends on whether you are good friends even after the breakup.

Your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend should be completely ready and comfortable to go on vacation with you. Assure him or her that you have completely changed and want to give your relationship one more chance so that all the misconceptions can be removed.

Going on a holiday will help you rediscover old memories and share some memorable moments. The plan depends on your gut; if you think going on vacation with your ex is not a good idea, you should not do it.

Why should you plan a vacation with your ex now? The reasons are given below: 

No Tension of Surprises

You don’t care about each other’s tastes and interests, which means you can plan your trip in your own way and your ex’s in his own way because both will know that the holiday is meant to be enjoyed.

So, technically, you will get rid of surprises. For example, if he or she moves his or her legs while sleeping, you can book a separate room for yourself before traveling.

Do the same while eating, order your favorite dish, and enjoy.

Work According to Your Plan

This is my favorite point, as you can make your own plans and explore the places without any restrictions. However, there are many things to do with my ex if you have a good bond with him or her.

Make a plan for your tour in the morning itself. One of you may be fond of exploring art or history and will go to a gallery or museum; during this time, you can plan to go to some other place like natural scenes, theater, skydiving, skating, etc.

Master of Your Own Money

As a couple, you spend one way at dinner or have to pay the bill for shopping. But now you are not a couple, so you are the master of your money; you can spend it wherever you want, pay your own bills, shop with your own money, and share travel expenses.

Going on a holiday with my Ex is a tension-free time that you spend with your ex without worry. You can also pay for your adventure, shopping, food, and ticket booking.

Can I Text My Ex-Girlfriend For a Holiday?

Don’t worry; it’s common to miss your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend this holiday season. In such a situation, ” Should I text him or her? ” is a common thought. There is nothing wrong with sharing the joy of the holidays with your ex-girlfriend.

Should you text your ex a happy holiday? Or is it better to remain silent? To find out, I found out from NYC relationship expert Susan Winters reported figures that it’s OK to text your ex on the holidays, but you shouldn’t bring up your romantic past and memories.

We all know that we must have spent much time with our ex, which is difficult to forget.

According to Winter, if you plan a vacation intending to rebuild your relationship with your ex, be careful.

Call him or her to meet somewhere by texting him or her, and have a detailed discussion on vacation to convince him or her emotionally and understand his or her facial expression.

In the case of things to do with my ex, let him or her decide. If he or she wants to enjoy his or her vacation in his or her own way, then don’t force him or her and make your own plan.

Before texting him or her, review your relationship history and think: would your ex agree to start a new chapter with you?

Should I Share a Hotel Room With My Ex On Vacation?

You can know the answer to this question from other holiday activities of your ex, like if he or she pays for his or her own rent, books tickets himself or herself, buys food, or pays for activities, the higher the chances are he or she will book the room separately.

During the holiday with my Ex, you may have booked only one room, so there can be a fight between both of you, so it is advisable to discuss all this before the vacation.

If you guys meet as good friends despite being ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, and you don’t have any differences regarding your past relationships, then you should consider sharing a room.

Apart from this, if both want to improve their relationship once again, they would like to book the same room to spend quality time with each other. In this situation, the first thing you should do is ask the other person for a room.

There can be no better option than room sharing to give the old relationship a chance to improve.

What Should I Do With My Ex On a Holiday Trip?

When you are all set to go on a vacation with your ex, it is a great way to spend quality time and give the relationship another chance.

Here I have mentioned some things that will help you improve your relationship:

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Spend Quality Time

Should I go on holiday with my ex-girlfriend or Boyfriend? The question means that you want to give yourself a chance to start your relationship again. Despite being together, not spending quality time with each other cannot make you closer to each other. To enjoy special moments, do things your ex likes and cooperate with him or her in activities.

Do Something Exciting

Doing something unique with your ex will strengthen your bond and allow you to learn new things about each other. You can share funny moments with each other, plan a surprise romantic movie, or watch a romantic dance, all of which will bring you closer.

Show Nothing has Changed between You.

I will focus on this the most if I want to build a relationship with my ex again. On vacation, always keep a smile on your face and meet him or her with a positive attitude. Make him or her realize how much you still love him. If you take care of him or her from the morning he or she wakes up until he or she sleeps at night, then you will find a special place in his or her heart.

Is It OK to be Close With Ex On a Holiday?

If you have already planned a vacation with your ex, you want to come close to him or her. To start mending the old relationship, you should spend quality time with your ex.

Before getting close to your ex, ensure he or she is comfortable. Is he or she ready to get close to you, too? To find out, understand his or her mood and take your next step according to his or her mood. Take care of his likes and dislikes.

It is possible that after being away for a long time, your ex may feel like a stranger, uncomfortable, and unwell, so assure him or her that you still care for him or her.

Should I Buy Something For My Ex On Holiday?

On holiday with my Ex, shopping is a common thing. Having been around for a long time, you would be well aware of whether your ex likes to shop, so ask him or her to go shopping.

Girls love to shop, so the best way to make a place in her heart is to surprise her by buying her favorite items like jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, etc. Boys can also be gifted shirts, jeans, watches, shoes, or electronic gadgets.

Find out the most famous thing in the tourist place and buy it for your ex; it will make him or her fall in love with you.


Planning a holiday with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend can be a great idea if you want to give it one more chance. Although a one-sided decision can sometimes confuse you, consulting would be better.

This blog lets you know whether you should go on vacation with your ex or not. Planning a holiday with a college or office group would also be great.

If your ex is married and happy in his or her life, do not disturb him or her and try to erase your memories, too.



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