If you are thinking of stopping using skincare products and trying some natural remedies for your skin, then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Taking a break from your skincare products is called skin fasting.” It is good to stop using skin care products this because it gives your skin freshness, rest, and reset; it lets your skin do what it was made to do on its own without the help of skincare products.

Because you should stop using beauty items, here are some ingredients to mix in your skincare product.


It is commonly found in beauty items like eye makeup, lipsticks, and deodorants, which can be harmful for your face.

People also talk about whether or not aluminum is very harmful for the face and inner health. In 2013, the cosmetics review said that aluminum and aluminum hydroxide were safe to use in cosmetics because they don’t get absorbed through the skin and less than 1% are taken through the digestive system. But take some rest; beauty items  are very beneficial for your skin.


Some brands recently banned oxybenozone, which is mostly found in sunscreen. Blyumin-Karasik says it can mess with hormones and cause allergic reactions on your skin.

A 2020 review 29 studies found no link between fertility problems and oxybenozone and called for more research. However, an older 2016 study found that men with higher levels of benzophenone-type ultraviolet filter concentrations had lower sperm concentrations.


The ingredient name formaldehyde is a preservative that is often found in soaps and shampoos and may be the main cause of skin sensitivity or allergies. Greenfield says that formaldehyde is a common irritant that should be avoided.

The trusted source showed that a polymer called toluene-sulfoamide-formaldehyde resin, which is found in nail polish, is one of the most common allergens. It is also called cancer, but research shows that it’s only dangerous if a person breathes in a lot of it.

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When should I Stop Using Skin care Products?

Let’s find out some major signs when you see it you should stop using skin care products:

Feeling Etch Everywhere

If this happens, you might be having an allergic reaction on your skin because of the regular use of your skincare product. This requires stop using skin care products Immediately.

The skincare specialists say that when you feel like this, you need to stop using all cosmetics for a week and then put them back one at a time for a week to see if the general itching starts up again or stays the same.

It takes two or three weeks to be normal, so wait and wash out your body before adding one more product to your routine.

It is a sign that you need to stop using your cosmetics for some time and follow the steps for choosing the right products for your skin.

Finding Your Skin More Oily Than Usual

If your skin is suddenly greasier than usual, it could be because you are removing its natural oils. Your skin is a natural shield that keeps dirt and other harmful free radicals out of your body.

The skincare product use makes this speculation weak and takes away this natural oil from your face, which is a bad sign for that shield in your skin.

If you use cosmetic products regularly, your skin will try to make up for it by making more oil. Then you need to stop using your products for some weeks and do a fast for your skin care products.

Your Skin is Irritated and Red

Most of the time, your routine contain germs and oils that cause acne on your skin.

That means that your skin needs a break from your cosmetics and treatments. Some ingredients mix in your products, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. It makes your skin irritate and dry out the top layer, making it more red and sensitive.

The first thing you need to do is stop using your skincare products immediately and make sure the skincare products you are using are free from harmful ingredients.


It is good to use your daily skincare products whose packaging looks good and that you have read about online, but just because they are working well does not mean you should apply them daily.

It also needs some break for your skin; it is mixed with many potentially irritating or allergic inactive ingredients that give it a silky feel. But when using it on a daily basis, you need to be careful and informative about it, as well as stop using skin care products. It creates many problems for you.

Experiencing Too Dry, Flaky, and Peeling Skin

If you feel one of these signs, especially around your nose and mouth edges, you might be using too much of a skincare product for acne, like retinoid or benzoyl peroxide. This can stress your skin and speed up the aging process, so try to take a break from your skincare product for some time.

After a few weeks, you can try it again, and it will work properly again on your skin, giving you more glow and giving you a perfect skin tone.

Who Need To Stop Using Skin care Products?

If you use a lot of skin care products and makeup, you need to stop and let your skin heal and feel fresh. But if you think a certain way of taking care of your face is working for you, you should keep doing skin fasting.

This process works for each person differently; it all depends on the type and needs of your skin. If your skin is very dry, you should fast. If your skin is just a little bit dry, make the change slowly. During the summer, when the weather is humid, it is good to moisturize if you have dry skin.

It is not easy to know how long it will take for the face to clear up because it is fully depend on the skin you have and how many numbers of many skin products and makeup you use as part of your daily skincare routine.

Ways to Stop Using Skin care Products?

Here we are going to talk about a few tips about ways to stop using skincare products for some weeks, or you might just want to stop using the products at night.

By the way, you can still use a light sunscreen during the day to protect your skin from UV rays. Here is a step-by-step guide if you really need it.

  • Start it by giving your face a good wash before bed.
  • Instead of stopping using all products at once, do it once a week to start. Try to go a night without putting anything on your face to let it be fresh.
  • The first thing you need to do is, wash your face when wakeup in the morning. This will keep the natural oils from being taken away. Try the tissue paper test on your face the morning after you let your skin rest for one night.

After all this, you really know about your skin. If you see have dry skin problem, you need to keep it hydrated. If your skin is sticky, you might want to cut back on moisturizer.

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What To Use Instead of Skincare Products?

If you want to clean up your beauty and skin, you can try some natural ingredients that are safer and more natural. Here are some natural ingredients you can use instead of your skincare products.

Turmeric and Fruits

If you are doing a skin fast, you cannot apply any skincare, but you can use a turmeric face pack on your face to get bright skin on the go. Instead of using some chemical products and some harmful products on your face, you can use a home remedy to clean your face and give it a soft glow.

To stop using skin care products, mix together some turmeric powder and milk and put it on your face. You can also make a rough pulp out of ripe papaya fruit and put it on black socks to make them look less noticeable.

Aloe Vera

Most moisturizing creams for dry skin have ingredients like petrolatum, which is often mixed with harmful chemicals instead of taking the chance that these will get into the body through the skin.

Aloe vera is one of the best natural skin moisturizers and softeners; just cut off the thick leaves and you get moisturized skin without any skincare product.

Garlic and Sandalwood

Garlic is a natural antioxidant powerhouse. It helps to clean your blood and make your skin glow. But it can also be put on the face directly to get rid of zits right away.

You can also grind up some garlic cloves and mix them with curd to make a face pack that works well to get rid of acne. It is also the best ingredient to use instead of your skincare product.


Giving your skin a break from your skincare products is just like giving your face a vacation. You should not assume that using skin products or a skin care routine will hurt your skin. Face fasting gives your face a chance to rest and heal before you can use your normal skin care products again.

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