It’s that time of year again, girls! Combining the effects of heat, humidity, and rain will be bad for your hair and skin. But the most significant impact will be on your makeup. Today, we will talk about makeup tips to follow this monsoon because it can be challenging to keep your makeup from melting off during monsoons. Although too much makeup may not be a good idea, you cannot go out without it.

You would be shocked to know that a few simple changes to your makeup routine will help you tackle the rain.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your makeup from melting off in the rain, and here are some makeup tips to follow this monsoon for a new look at this time of the year.

Use Powder Forms.

Do you want your eyeshadow or foundation to dissolve in the rain? The tip is to switch to powder formulas to prevent similar makeup mishaps during the monsoon season.

You can achieve a matte look and extend the wear of your foundation by switching to a powder formula. If you want a primer and powder foundation in one, try Lakeme’s 9 to 5 primer and matte powder foundation compact in Ivory cream.

Use Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara

It can be fun and romantic if you stay inside on a rainy day, but if you have to go outside, especially on a date or for a special event, it can be a disaster. Even though it takes more time to remove waterproof makeup, it is the best way to keep your eye makeup intact during the monsoon.

You don’t want your date night to be ruined by raccoon eyes, do you? You can try Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara (Night Drama) and LakméEyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip (Black).

Say Hello To Cream-based Blush

Unlike creams for eyes and face, cream-based eyeshadow sets are a big yes during monsoon season. So, ditch your powder cheeks for a few months and get a cream blush like Lakme.

The ultra-creamy formula of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Absolute Cheek Contour Peach Princess will dry to a smooth finish and glide like silk on the skin. Use soft pink and peach shades that blend well for a peaceful and natural look.

Avoid Shiny Lipsticks

Lip gloss is essential and can be used in many different ways. But the rainy season is not the best time to use it.

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Glossy and thick lipsticks can quickly come off during hot and humid weather. Therefore, you can use soft matte lipsticks and choose pinks and browns instead of bright, bold colors.

Fewer Things are Better

When the rainy season begins, the humidity will be at its highest, causing people to sweat and ruin their makeup. This season, we believe you should follow the “less is more” rule regarding makeup.

You might have tried bright colors during the summer, but now is the time to try something lighter. So, to keep your makeup game strong during the rainy season, you must change your makeup items.

Can I Get Fair Skin In The Rainy Season?  

No matter how much we love monsoon season, we cannot ignore the problems that come along with it. From itchy hair to oily skin, we face many problems during this time of year. Everyone wants fair skin in the rainy season. If you also have skin problems, follow these tips to get fair skin in the rainy season.


The pores of the face get clogged due to sweat, pollution, and too much makeup. This is a problem, as it leads to pimples and acne. One should exfoliate the skin once or twice weekly to get clear skin.

Use moisturizer

People sweat more during the rainy season because the air is more humid. Because of this, people start using lotion less. However, reducing the amount of moisturizer you use leaves your face dry. Use moisturizers that come in gel form and are readily available in stores. These will keep the skin moist when used.


People have thought that one of the best makeup tips to follow this monsoon for the face is to use sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Sunscreen can also help keep you from getting older.

Change in your facewash.

We love using the best facewash for our skin, and we’ve been doing so for years. Using the same face wash for a long time can cause many problems. If you use the same face wash during the rain, your skin may lose moisture and become dry. The facewash you use should change according to the season.

Which Cream is The Best For Rainy Days?

Skin repairs itself at night in all seasons, so it is best to use a moisturizer cream that retains the skin’s moisture, especially in rainy seasons. If you moisturize your face every night before you go to bed, the lines will be delayed, and your face will look younger.

Moisturizing and anti-aging creams like Novellina high-potency Anti-aging creams will meet your moisture requirements as they contain snail Serum, which maintains moisture in the skin and treats dry skin.

 It also contains collagen, which keeps the skin flexible. Its natural bioactive ingredients, aloe, broccoli, and Citrus protect skin from pollution, and SPF 15 shields you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. You may not feel the sun’s UV rays, but even a little exposure can damage your skin.

Novellina Advanced Sunscreen SPF 80 is an excellent option because it has a high SPF and snail serum, which helps repair damage caused by too much UV exposure.

Is The First Rain Good For The Skin?

Most of the time, the first rain of the season is acidic, as it contains a lot of pollution and other harmful things. When dissolved in water, atmospheric gases like sulfur dioxide and trioxide form sulfuric acid and other acids, which cause bald spots, alopecia, brittle hair, eczema, and other skin problems.

Pollutants are known to worsen other skin and hair problems, so people are told to shower after soaking. Extreme temperature changes alter our immune systems, making us more susceptible to other diseases.

Which Soap is Used in This Mansoon?

Experts say you can make small changes in your beauty routine to see the difference. Boutique beauty expert and Soulflower MD AmitSarda shares some great tips to take care of your face during the monsoon season.

Here are makeup tips for following this monsoon to protect your skin from dangers.

  • One way to protect your body and face from getting sick is by using Ayurvedic soaps. Natural soaps don’t strip the skin of its natural oils but are tough on dirt. These soaps do not change the normal pH of the body but fight bacteria and pollution.
  • Bio-Almond Oil Nourishing Body Soap is infused with the goodness of nature. They combine turmeric and wild turmeric with wholesome oils like almond, margosa, and coconut for a relaxing facial.
  • Use rose soap, which helps your skin retain its natural moisture and makes it soft, supple, and glowing. This soap moisturizes dry and cracked skin, calms the mind, and smells like flowers. Rose oil and dry rose petals can help reduce scars, spots, and sunburns.
  • You can also try lavender soap in the rain. Its antibacterial properties help soothe skin irritation and itching. It exfoliates and regenerates dry, flaky skin and heals sunburns. The floral scent of lavender makes you feel calm and at ease.
  • You also use charcoal soap in the rainy season. It is an excellent treatment for people with oily or mixed skin.

Can I Use Face Serum in The Rainy Season?

There is a lot of moisture in the monsoon season, which increases the chances of bacterial and fungal diseases. To keep your skin healthy and glowing, you must use the right makeup tips to follow this monsoon and take care of it in a planned manner.

Natural Face serums have Mulethi and Ashwagandha, which have been used for centuries to keep skin looking young, and Walnut oil, which evens skin tone.

Grapeseed oil keeps the skin hydrated. Kapoor says that the skin is protected by a shield made of vitamins E and C. You can use face serum in the rainy season for your skin’s energy and light.


Wash your face every day. During rainy seasons, your pores can get clogged with dirt and pollution, leading to pimples and rashes. Washing your face twice or thrice daily would be best to prevent these breakouts.

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